Engage Consult - Online & Telephone Triage Service

What is Engage Consult?

  • All GP Practices have been directed by NHS England & Improvement and The Clinical Commissioning Group to implement an online service
  • Engage Consult provides patients with another point of contact with the Practice - online via any Smart phone, tablet or computer
  • This online service allows patients to submit requests online to the Practice between the hours of 08:00am & 12:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Online triages take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete
  • This service removes the need to wait in a queue on the phone lines, during our most busy times when the Practice opens
  • The online triage provides the GP with the information they need to signpost you to the most appropriate service

Engage Consult Available Services

  • To reduce the number of ways patients need to access online services, Credas Medical have linked our online services to Engage Consult
  • This means that once you have registered for Engage Consult you can access the following services all in one place:
    • Complete an online request to a GP online
    • Obtain self-help advice
  • These services are available to you through Engage Consult, without the need to visit or telephone the Practice or visit the website separately

Example of Online Service

  • You feel unwell at 22:00pm on Sunday evening
  • You complete your online request at 08:00am on Monday morning
  • Between 08:00am & 12:00pm on Monday morning a Receptionist allocates your online request to an appropriate GP
  • A GP completes a clinical triage of your online request during Monday (in order of clinical urgency)
  • You receive contact from the Practice on Monday by 18:00pm
  • The contact you receive from the Practice can vary and will depend on the GP clinical triage assessment, these can range from:
    • GP online message of advise &/or action taken
    • GP telephone consultation
    • GP face to face consultation
    • Receptionist telephone call to advise of GP clinical triage outcome and routine requirements 

Out of Hours Services

  • In an emergency, please contact 999
  • If you need urgent medical advice or consultation after 18:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Or all day on a Saturday or Sunday
  • You should contact the out of hours service on 111


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